9 Keto Protein Bars You Can Make For A Guilt-Free Dessert

Keto protein bars seem like a daunting task because of the ingredient restrictions. But with the keto recipes being on the rise, it becomes extremely easy to find the right keto protein bars for you!
We’ve listed down the best-tasting and easiest keto protein bars we’ve scoured from the internet. Pick a favorite and enjoy a keto dessert!
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Keto Protein Bars You Can Easily Prepare
1. Peanut Snickers Bars

This recipe is loaded with nuts and tastes really close to a real, sugar-loaded Snickers bar. Using coconut flour to thicken the base and sugar-free sweeteners to mimic the sweetness of an actual Snickers bar, this genius recipe is definitely a must!
A little bit of kosher salt makes this recipe one of the best keto protein bars out there. The salt helps enhance the flavors of the nuts and the butter and takes this dessert to a whole new level.
If you don’t have coconut flour, you can also use almond flour but the taste might be a little bit different. Make sure that you use unsweetened nuts to keep you within your macros!
2. Peanut Butter Bars

This recipe may seem a little bit similar to the one above, but it actually differs immensely! One major difference is the fact that these peanut butter chocolate bars fall under the no-bake dessert category!
You’re supposed to use shredded coconut for these keto protein bars and add in collagen powder for that extra boost of healthy properties. For the top layer, use sugar-free dark chocolate with coconut oil.
Refrigerate everything and you should have a yummy keto snack to munch at any time of the day!
3. No-Bake Protein Bars

Another no-bake treat that is both delicious and extremely healthy, is this protein bar that uses almond butter and protein powder together.
Instead of a sugar-free dark chocolate bar for the coating, it uses cocoa powder and stevia or any natural sugar-free sweetener. Coconut cream is used to make the outside layer smooth, silky, and perfect for any bite.
4. Cinnamon Keto Bars

This cinnamon bar doesn’t need a coat of chocolate on the outside layer, instead, it uses chocolate chips or cocoa nibs inside the mixture itself. This adds an interesting crunch to the recipe.
Another interesting flavor in this recipe is cinnamon. The addition of cinnamon elevates the flavor of your nut butter and your chocolate. Feel free to use cinnamon powder or cinnamon extract for this recipe.
Whichever route you choose, it’ll come out great for sure!
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5. Keto Hemp Bars

An interesting addition that not a lot of people might go with is hemp. If you’re a little bit intimidated by this ingredient, don’t be.
Hemp is a great source of healthy minerals and vitamins and does not harm the body at all. With the many benefits of hemp, you’d be happy to know that it’s also keto-friendly!
Walnuts add a great texture to every bite, while sesame seeds elevate each crunch even further with an added layer of texture!
6. Toasted Coconut Bars

These bars have shredded coconut just like another recipe in this list. However, this one toasts the shredded coconut prior to mixing it in with the rest of the ingredients.
In case you didn’t know, toasting most ingredients lightly adds a great depth of flavor that is definitely noticeable with every bite. If you don’t believe it, try this recipe out for yourself and be pleasantly surprised!
7. Coconut Collagen Bars

The addition of collagen powder in this recipe makes it a lot healthier than other keto dessert snacks. Collagen is great for your skin and your joints and people in their 30s would benefit from it greatly because of the body’s natural decline in collagen production.
Much like most of the recipes in this list, this one does not require the use of an oven as well so you’re sure to whip this up in no time!
8. Hazelnut Collagen Bars

You might have noticed that many of the recipes that we’ve included here have collagen powder in their ingredient lists, and why not? As we mentioned previously, collagen is healthy, safe, and absolutely beneficial!
Instead of walnuts or peanuts, however, this recipe calls for hazelnut. It may be a little bit on the pricier side because of hazelnut, but don’t worry because it’s totally worth it. We promise!
9. Protein Nut Bars

Wrapping up our list of simple and delicious keto protein bar recipes is this super easy nut bar! It contains a bunch of nuts and seeds that are great for texture, flavor, and nutrition.
You can basically choose any type of nuts and seeds that you want to add to this recipe, but the recommended additions include almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flaxseeds.
There’s an added step prior to mixing, but we promise you, it will be worth it and you won’t be able to imagine doing this recipe without that step.
The added step is toasting your nuts and seeds. Yup, we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, toasting them beforehand will make them more crunchy even after you mix in any of the wet ingredients, and will add a great depth of flavor to each ingredient!
Watch this video by All Day I Dream About Food for another easy and tasty keto protein bar recipe:

And that’s it for our list of yummy protein bars that are completely safe for both the paleo and the keto diets. We hope you’ve found one or more recipes to try during this quarantine period!
What are some of your favorite keto protein bars? Have you tried out any recipes from our list above? Let us know in the comments section below!
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