How To Make Cheese Course | All About Goat Cheese

Lesson 5: How To Make Cheese Course | All About Goat Cheese
From John’s cow paradise we venture down the road a bit to hang with Donna Pacheco of Pacheco Farms and the Achadinha Cheese Company. The Pacheco family tend both cows and goats for their cheese production. With assistance from their four kids, Donna and her husband Jim produce several award-winning cheeses, including their famous Capricious and California Crazy Curd brands. Donna talked to us about what goes into their professional cheese making. They utilize everything on their farm, from renting out spaces to offering tours to even making soap. Also, even though the Pachecos rent their facility to erstwhile cheesemakers like you, she does insist that her staff pasteurizes all the milk before anyone creates cheese with it (and for very important reasons!)
In this video:

Running a farm and creamery.
“Grandma’s Secrets.”
How cows develop immunities to local environments.
Using bacteria to produce probiotics in Pacheco cheeses.
“I may not be skinny, but I’m healthy!”
Why they started milking goats.
And much more.

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