How To Make Cheese Course | Buying A Cow?

Lesson 3: How To Make Cheese Course | Buying A Cow?
In our talks with John, casually mentioned that about 10 people a year come to his farm interested in buying a cow expressly for milk production at their own homes. We had never really thought of that aspect. How amazing would it be to have your own cow (insert mother-in-law jokes here)? Especially once you learned how to make cheese! After discussing the pet cow phenomenon, John teaches us about how milk flavor actually changes throughout the year due to what he feeds his organic cows. Then we meet one of his adorable friendly calfs as John explains the process of raising cows, what age they start producing milk, and also just how darn friendly they can be. We’re never eating a burger again.
In this video:

Buying a cow and what it means to own one.
What it takes to care for a cow.
The distinct personalities cows have.
How seasons change the flavor of the milk.
Proteins in milk and why they are important.
What an A2 cow is and how its milk may actually help children with autism (we’re not making any scientific claims here, gang, just quoting John).
And much more.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Six Steps For Safely Handling Raw Milk
BONUS DOWNLOAD: Five Reasons To Own A Cow

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