How To Make Cheese Course | How To Milk A Cow

Lesson 4: How To Make Cheese Course | How To Milk A Cow
John’s cows eat about 12 pounds of grub a day, and when you get a glimpse of their full udders, you’d expect all 12 of that became milk (Holy cow jugs, Batman!). Come get an inside look at the milking process, including how to milk a cow safely without letting bacteria enter into the equation. John obviously uses machines to aid in the process, but he’s no stranger to milking buy hand. This segment of our course includes instruction on how to store milk properly, regardless of whether it is for cheese making or drinking. Towards the end, John asks all of us to get to know a little more about where our food comes from, and we absolutely agree that everyone should! Having an appreciation for the labors that went into your food only make it taste better, especially when that labor was your own.
In this video:

How to milk a cow.
How to store milk safely.
How to safely clean any milking equipment.
What an organic farmer feeds his cows.
What to feed a cow you keep at home.
The amazing taste of fresh milk right from the cow.
And much more.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: Organic Livestock Requirements

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