How To Make Cheese Course | The Healthiest Cheese For You

Lesson 2: How To Make Cheese Course | The Healthiest Cheese
In the next lesson of our cheesemaking course, we continue speaking with John about the organic way of life and how it leads to the creation of the healthiest cheese for you and your loved ones. John discusses how he treats his cows with certified organic methods and the very strict protocols organic dairy farmers have to follow. We even meet a few of his cows, and you can really see how happy they are on this farm and what kind of amazing life they have here. John discusses what he did to become certified as an organic farmer: from everything he fed the cows to every approved vaccine he used, etc. Becoming a certified organic farmer is quite involved, and understanding that gives us a much greater appreciation for what’s behind our ingredients when we teach you how to make cheese.
In this video:

How to treat cows with certified organic methods.
Why this treatment is good for creating the healthiest cheese for you.
How John cares for them without hormones or steroids.
Epsom salts, creams, ointments, and probiotics that he gives his cows.
How he does things that “farmers did 100 years ago.”
Organic regulations.
And much more.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: 10 Ways Farmers Like John Are Saving Water PDF

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